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We started this crowdfunding campaign in order to collect the funds for singposting of the pilgrimage route:


The Way Of Our Lady – Marijanski zavjet za Domovinu

Inspired by El Camino de Santiago and centuries of Croatian pilgrimage tradition, a group of enthusiasts got together and decided to develop a new pilgrimage route.  We founded a Pilgrimage Association based in Zagreb, Croatia and since 2015 we’ve started trailblazing the route connecting the Croatian shrines to the Virgin Mary. During the first 3 years over 2,000 pilgrims walked the route with us, during the summer.

The Pilgrimage Route

The route starts at Osijek in eastern part of Croatia and over 1,800 km later it ends at Dubrovnik. On its Way it passes hundreds of shrines and sanctuaries dedicated to the Virgin Mary, including Aljmaš, Marija Bistrica, Trsat, Solin, Sinj, Međugorje and many others.

Project Goals

Helping pilgrims discover the rich heritage of Croatian cultural tradition and religious dedication as well as some of the most spectacular nature in Europe. Promoting the pilgrimage as a way to help people experience for themselves the many gifts it bestows.  We’d also like to help with the rural development along the pilgrimage route.

Our Plans

Signposting the entire route is our next major project. In partnership with pilgrim associations and shrines dedicated to the Virgin Mary in neighboring countries (Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro),  we plan to prepare to submit an application to European Cultural Routes.

We need Your help to fund the signposting of the route. You can help us with Your donation here:


And also, it would be very helpful if You could spread the word about the project with Your friends.

Thank You! And see You on the Way with Our Lady…


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